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The Nation's Premier Magazine for Security Officers of all levels.

SecurityOfficer Magazine Portfolio slide 1

Re-Branding and Launch Campaign Project

The Case Study

Security Officer Magazine generation on logo
Their Problem...

As the team at startup “Security Officer Magazine” dove deeper into who it was that they represented, they expanded their target audience. These new demographic targets now included everyone from guards standing outside of a grocery store to highly trained and armed men and women protecting today’s nuclear power plants.

They now needed an updated logo that better represented this full demographic range. Once complete we designed the website and “Get S.O.M.” launch campaign to put them on the map!

Our Solution...

Once the general design concept had been developed we began tweaking the design and until each element had a specific message and purpose. The eagle feathers were rearranged and cleaned up to create a more powerful and watchful feel seen in the final design. The tail at the bottom became the spear. The letters were kerned so that they could be enlarged in order to become more of the focal piece of the design.

Security Officer Magazine generation two logo

The Logo Elements

The Shield represents the front line of defense. This is the deterrence and public safety aspect of the Security Officer’s job.

The Spear Tip represents the ability, as Security Officers, to use force if necessary.

The Eagle is two fold: On one hand it represents the freedom and public they protect and on the other, that Security Officer Magazine is a Veteran owned and operated company.

The Launch Campaign

The Online Store

“GET S.O.M.” is the launch campaign for Security Officer Magazine. Going off the abbreviated version of Magazine’s  title, a playful version of the logo was generate that would also appeal to the masculinity and pride of the target audience.

The logo was applied to products on CafePress and is for sale via their website. Security Officer Magazine receives monies from each sale, helping to generate startup.

The Launch Campaign

The Website

Created using a WordPress Premium template, the sleek and minimal design of Security Officer Magazine’s user environment was inspired by the clean look and feel of Recoil Gun Magazine.

Anaheim Google font was used to create a connection between the brand and the clientele. Page titles correspond to the terminology used in the field.

A training section providing links to free resources and vetted instructors was added, maximizing value for the user and promoting repeated visits to the site.

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