Alpine Organic Vodka

Alpine Organic Vodka

Alpine Organic Logo by Platform Brand Identity
The Logo

The clean lines and blue color are meant to appeal to the psychographic attributes of the brands potential clients. Visual identity research was collected from organic good companies and water companies located in the Alps as well as ski sales and manufacturing companies. Elements from these designs were used as inspiration in the final logo mark.

Corporate Collateral

Based on the location, name, and logo mark of the company, a mountain scene was selected for the main feature of the corporate identity. The type setting was intended to be simplistic, light and airy. Aligning with the natural and organic feel of the brand.

Package Design

The label design incorporates elements from their brand identity including the logo, fonts, and mountain scenes in an effort to maintain continuity within the brand.

We researched several types of packaging including non-organic and organic wine and alcohol containers. Tetra-Pak options were explored, but lacked the elegant design features needed for this project. In the end we chose an Italian soda bottle package with a wine label design.

The cork-like top gives each bottle a homemade feel, while the elegant label design incorporates the upscale yet adventurous feel of the Alpine experience. We added the mountain scene backdrop to remind partakers that they were getting a bit of the natural spring water in each drop.

Each bottle will be consistent in design but changes to the front label and colors will reflect Alpine Organic Vodka’s unique flavors. The unique container was chosen to give Alpine Organic Vodka an original and fresh mountain feel.

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